10 Creative tips on how to find a boyfriend

Are you looking for a boyfriend? Really? Before you read our ten tips to help you find one, cast your mind back to what it was really like last time. Remember the times when you had no money, couldn’t go where you want when you want, had to pick up underwear form the floor that could have been classified a Biohazard!

OK, but don’t say that we didn’t warn you. Here are some tips for you on to how to find a man:

1. Don’t date in the dark

Avoid, at all costs, finding a man in a dark bar or club. Always make the first date a daytime date or in a well-lit venue or you could find that you’ve been coming on to Homer Simpson, when you get outside!

2. Scare away the wimps

Be confident, good men love a confident woman and your confidence will keep at bay both the nerds, as well as the predators when you’re out.

3. Don’t take the competition with you

If your best friend is a charismatic, outgoing, fun loving girl with supermodel looks and who is also single, then go out with a another friend this time! It might boost your confidence being with your best friend, but this is your turn lady!

4. Be picky and play the field

Avoid jumping at the first guy that shows an interest, as you don’t want to appear desperate. Darwin called it a process of natural selection, so be selective!

5. Be happy and have fun

You’re on a mission but don’t take it all too seriously. Men will warm to a woman quickly, if she is laughing, having fun and not taking things too seriously. There will be highs and lows in your hunt for a man, but the serious love stuff can come later, so, for now, just enjoy the process.

 6. Pay attention

When you’re talking to a guy, at least, show that you are vaguely interested in what he has to say. Put down your phone! You can update Facebook later, if things work out.

7. Keep your radar switched on at all times

Men and women can meet each other at places other than night clubs or dating sites, so keep your eyes open. It might even be the guy that you’ve been sitting next to at work for last few years.

8. Don’t be afraid of making the first move

They’re not all going to come to you and some guys are surprisingly shy, when it comes to making the first move. You can be the one who strikes up a conversation or, at the least, let him know that you are interested with some subtle body language. When your eyes meet his, let them linger just a little longer and a smile will speak volumes too.

9. Look your best, but be comfortable

You want to look your best and you want to attract some attention, but don’t go too far. Too much cleavage or short skirt, that you are forever trying to pull back down again, will only make you feel uncomfortable and could give out the wrong message anyway.

10. Don’t make him feel that Christmas has come early

Have you ever noticed how young boys always want to open their Christmas presents early, only to leave the presents discarded to one side once the wrapping has come off? They’re the same when they grow up too, so keep the wrapping on for now, they will respect you more for it in the long run.

How to find a boyfriend? Do you have some other tips?

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