10 Reasons why dating a younger man is perfectly OK and why an ‘older woman younger man’ relationship can be successful

Older men are safe, secure, reliable, sensible, settled, trustworthy, etc…Well, but as men get older they do sometimes lose a bit of their spark and begin to take themselves just a little bit too seriously, so here are ten very good reasons why it’s perfectly fine to date a younger guy and why an ‘older woman younger man‘ relationship can be successful:

1. They love that you are older

Men love being with older woman. It’s good for their ego and it plays to all their old childhood fantasies, and that’s why they will be trying extra hard to please you.

2. They will be great with your kids

A younger guy will still be in touch with his youthful side and he will think nothing of getting down on the floor to play with your kids. He’ll even know what the best latest video game is and what’s more, he’ll know how to play it!

3. He won’t take himself too seriously, so you will feel younger next to him

Some guys get so serious about themselves, when they get older and, making a fool of themselves in public is probably one of their biggest fears. A younger man won’t have all these hang-ups and he isn’t afraid to wear something stupid to a fancy dress party to just goof around a little more.

4. He’s going to try harder at everything

An older guy may think that he has nothing to prove, he’s been there, seen it and done it already. A young guy has a lot to prove and he’s going to go out of his way to impress you.

5. An ‘older woman younger man’ relationship can be very fun! He will want you to go out more often

Carpet slippers and a pipe are not on the agenda of a young man. He’s more likely to whisk you off your feet with night after night of partying and dancing. But don’t worry; he will still want to stay in sometimes, just not too often.

6. If you want, you CAN take charge when you date a younger man

A young guy is going to be more willing to let you take charge and make the decisions. If you will, you can decide where to go and what to do, and he will be perfectly happy with it. Don’t go too far with this though, he still needs to feel like a man in a relationship!

7. He will be a snappy dresser

Fashion sense for men ends at the age thirty. The color disappears from their wardrobe and it’s replaced with safe browns greens and grays. A younger guy still worries more about how he looks, than what is ‘sensible’, so you will be both stepping out in style.

8. He will respect you more

Every good man is brought up to respect the ladies, so if you date a younger man, you are going to get a lot of respect.

9. A younger man have more stamina

You won’t be the first to leave the party, you won’t be going to bed with a cup of cocoa at 9.00 pm and you won’t be left wanting for more in the bedroom department either. Younger men have more enthusiasm for everything and they’ve got the stamina to back up that enthusiasm too.

10. They bring out the best in you

You don’t have to take a young guy quite so seriously. He’s not going to take himself too seriously, so why should you? So, you can let yourself go a little and have more fun, than you would with an older guy. Let your hair down, throw caution to the wind and enjoy, it is perfectly OK to date a younger man!

What do you think about dating a younger guy? Can an ‘older woman younger man‘ relationship be successful?

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