10 Tips on how to get a boy to like you

We all know that a girl has her ways to get a boy interested. But, when you want more, when you want the guy to like you, or even, eventually, love you, what do you need to do? We can flutter our eyelids, we can wear a low cut dress, but that makes for a potential one night stand, not a meaningful relationship, so here are some better ways to attract the right kind of guy:

1. Make the most of what you have without flaunting it

You don’t need to lay it all out on a plate, but making the most of what makes you beautiful will get the first glance. Be true to yourself and don’t be afraid to emphasise your best features, be it your hair, your smile or your eyes.

2. How to get a boy to like you? Be who you are

Relax and just be yourself; your personality is what you really are and, if you put on a mask of being someone you are not, it will only look false. Guys love natural and relaxed girls, they’re more fun to be with.

3. Look into his eyes

It’s neither your legs, nor your breasts that really get his interest, it’s those eyes of yours! Looking directly into his eyes will give him the clear message that you’re serious and take him go weak at the knees!

4. Be interested in what he’s interested in

If you wonder how to get a boy to like you, take an interest in his interests, this way you’ll have more to talk about. You don’t need to become one of his lads, but a bit of ‘homework’ and preparation on your part will make getting the conversation going a lot easier.

5. Make him smile

Another tip on  how to get a boy to like you is – make him smile. If you are fun to be around, people will want to be around you, so take the bright side when you are near him and avoid complaining by all means; no-one wants to spend the evening in boredom and misery.

6. Confidence will win him over

You’ve heard it before, but guys really do love a confident girl. Of course, they like to be needed and they like to protect, but they don’t want to feel that they will have to do everything for you and they don’t want high maintenance, so if you wonder how to get a boy to like you – show yourself confident.

7. Get physical (A little bit anyway)

You don’t get physically close to someone that you don’t like, so take the initiative with a friendly touch on the arm or sitting a bit closer to him; you’re just giving him the message that getting a little more physical is not out of the question.

8. How to get a boy to like you? Be his best friend!

Being lovers is only a part of a healthy relationship, so show him that you can be his friend too. Listen to what he has to say and offer a bit of advice or help where you can. It’s just the beginning of him learning that he can trust you.

9. Don’t be too clingy

You want to be around him, but he won’t want you around all the time, so don’t try too hard to impress him now. Give him a chance to breathe, and let him do his own thing or he’ll be worried that this clinging is just the first sign of an over possessive personality.

10. How to get a boy to like you? Love yourself and then love him

You can’t expect others to love you, if you don’t love yourself. Be happy with who you are, you are special and he will love your self-confidence. Then, when it’s time, you can take it to the next level and show that you love him for who is too.

How to get a boy to like you? What are your thoughts?

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