7 Things you should never tell your boyfriend – Dating tips and relationship advice for women

We’re constantly told that honesty is the best policy in a relationship, but some things really are better left unsaid. Guys are far more sensitive, than you might think and saying the wrong thing at the wrong time can leave him cold, can hurt him or have him running for the nearest exit. Here is our dating tips list of the top seven things that you should never say to your boyfriend:

1. “And another great thing about my ex…”

Leave the ex where he belongs – in the past! The last thing your boyfriend wants to know is how great your last boyfriend was. Your boyfriend barely wants to acknowledge even the existence of other guys in your life. Keep it to yourself, he doesn’t want to hear all the details of your past love life experiences.

2. “I couldn’t leave the bathroom for a week, you should have seen it!”

No, he really doesn’t want to know all the graphic details of your unfortunate encounter with that gastric flu. Your boyfriend really doesn’t need to have that as a lasting picture of you in his mind.

3. “My mum thinks you’re a bit of a loser!”

Guy’s love their mums and they respect other people’s mums too, so a “no” vote from your mother can really hurt him. If everyone around you is telling you that your boyfriend is a jerk, you might want to pay some attention, but remember, mothers are out to protect you and what they think on first impressions might change over time.

4. “You’re the best boyfriend I ever had”

Ex-boyfriends are a minefield of a topic and, even if you think you are paying your boyfriend a compliment by describing all your ex-lovers as lowlife losers compared to him, what does that make you for dating them in the first place? Best would be just to steer clear of the topic altogether.

5. “Your friends are really annoying”

His friends have probably been around in his life far longer than you have, so be careful with this one. You don’t want to come across like a teacher, telling him that he is ‘mixing with the wrong crowd’. Never tell him that you want him to dump all his friends for you, he might not like it.

6. “That could have been better”

All men are sex gods in their own bed (or in yours), so be gentle with your criticism. Sex advice gurus may think that it’s a good idea for lovers to communicate their needs and desires openly, but telling him that you read in a book that a certain sex position is better for men with a smaller  “equipment” really isn’t going to go down that well.

7. “He’s a really great guy, you should meet him”

To a man, every other man on the planet is competition, so be wary of talking too much about friends who also happen to be men. If you have a male friend at work and you get on really well with him, there’s no need to keep telling your boyfriend about it! If you do, no amount of explaining will ever convince your guy that this other man is anything else but a threat.

Dating tips extolling the virtues of honesty and openness in a relationship abound; openness and honesty are undoubtedly fine things to have in a relationship, but some things really are better off just left unsaid.

We hope you find these dating tips and relationship advice for women useful.

If you have in mind some other ideas of things you should never tell your boyfriend, please share it in the comment section.

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