8 Body language gestures to be aware of on a first date

Are you tired of trying to decipher exactly what a guy meant by what he said on a first date? Are you finding yourself lying awake at night running the conversation over and over in your head trying to work it out? Well men rarely just come out with what there’re thinking, especially on a first date with someone that they really don’t know that well yet. So we’ve listed here, eight of the most common signals a man can send you through his body language. These body language gestures are not all clear cut, but it’s easier, than trying to fathom out what he meant by his words:

1. Lip licking

No, not your lips, his own lips! We lick our lips when we see something that we want, so this is definitely a good sign. We all do it, when we see a tasty dessert, we lick our lips in anticipation and we do the same, subconsciously, when we meet someone we like. Just be sure that he hasn’t got dry lips, though; he may just want to borrow your chap stick!

2. Raising an eyebrow

Remember Roger Moore in the James Bond movies? That eyebrow said it all. Raising an eyebrow is one of pretty good signs that he likes you. Not only is he opening himself up to you, but he’s also giving himself a clearer view of what’s in front of him.

3. Touching your hair

If he gently sweeps a stray hair from your eyes, he’s telling you that he cares and that he wants more contact with you. It’s a good way for him to test your reaction; if you recoil from him in horror, he knows that he’s not onto a winner!

4. Rocking back and forth

Rocking is not a good one. If he’s rocking back and forth in his chair, he could either be seeking comfort because he thinks that you don’t like him or he could be itching to leave. But don’t read too much into this if he’s had a few drinks; he could just be trying to stop the room spinning.

5. Face touching

If your guy is touching his own face, then he might be concentrating hard on what you are saying or even planning his next move. But, as well as being one of body language gestures of thoughtfulness, face touching can also be a signal that he’d like to touch your face. Whichever way it is, this guy is telling you something.

6. Talking with his hands

The more expressive he becomes with his hands, the more he likes you. We use our hands to help communicate better than we can in just words, and he may be struggling to find a way of telling you he likes you.

7. Fidgeting

You have to read this one along with other body language gestures, as it can mean one of two things: he’s either trying to hide his trouser excitement or he’s getting ready to leave. Tricky one if you get it wrong!

8. He offers you his hand

If he stretches out his hand across the table, then he is inviting you to return the gesture. He’s deliberately placing his hand within your reach to see if he gets a reaction. A gentle touch in return, however swift or friendly in nature, will tell him that he’s doing OK and it’s inviting him to carry on.

Body language gestures can tell you a lot about how a person feels and, whilst many of us are quite capable of telling a lie, few of us can control our body language. If you’re concerned that a guy is just saying things to be nice, and is just trying to let you down gently, then watch his body language gestures, he can’t hide that.

I hope you find these dating tips for women useful.

What other body language gestures should we be aware of on a first date? Feel free to share your dating knowledge in the comment section below.

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