8 Types of guys that you shouldn’t date (dating tips for women)

It’s a big sea and there is indeed plenty of fish in it, but sometimes, there are some catches that really should be thrown straight back overboard again. In the average lifetime, you will probably date all sorts of different guys and sometimes, they don’t show their true colors for quite some time. But, even then, don’t hang about, chuck them back and start that fishing again! To help you spot the non-starters, check our list of types of guys that you really shouldn’t date:

1. The cheater

If he says he loves you so much that he’s even going to leave his girlfriend for you, that’s no compliment! Firstly, things could get messy and nasty and secondly, he could be a man of habit. If he’s done it once, what’s going to stop him doing it again?

2. The groomer

If a guy spends longer than you do getting ready to go out, then stay clear. There’s only room for one person in this guy’s life and that’s himself.

3. The best friend

When you date your best male friend you risk losing both, your lover and your friend, when things go wrong. The qualities that you look for in a friend are often very different from those you look for in a partner and you’ll never be able to revert again to being just friends. Well, of course, you still can start dating your best friend, but only make sure your take it seriously! The ideal thing would be to marry your best friend!

4. The Wall Street banker

Our apologies to any nice bankers out there, there must be some, but you know the sort of guy that we mean. The fast car and flash apartment might be appealing at first, but when it comes down to the crunch, what is he going to put first, his career or you?

5. The trophy hunter

Beware the one night stand. This guy will be all over you to start with but, if he only wants you at bedtime, then he’ll soon be moving on to new prey to add his collection of conquests.

6. The rebounder

You’ve heard this one before, but a guy still in mourning over the recent demise of his long term relationship at best isn’t going to be a lot of fun. He’s probably just looking for sympathy and, if she changes her mind, he’s going to be running back to her like a shot. He might just be doing this for revenge too.

7. The insecure one in the corner

We can’t all be bold and larger than life, but a guy’s got to have some self-confidence. Dating an insecure guy can be really hard work with the constant need for affirmation of your intentions and the need for comforting. If you want to get into psychotherapy, then take the exams, don’t date the client!

8. The guy who likes older women

Depending on your own age, this might be good for the ego, but is he really looking for love? More likely he’s heard tales of all the wonderful things a ‘more experienced’ woman can do for him or, he’s looking for a mother figure in his life, because he’s too insecure to deal with girls of his own age!

What other types of guys we shouldn’t date?

Share your own dating tips in the comment section below.

Stay happy!

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