How to ask for a guy’s number? 8 Creative dating tips for women

Sometimes, asking for a guy’s phone number can be a bit awkward. It’s a bit blunt and to the point and it can almost sound like you are asking him straight ‘Do you like me or not?’; so to avoid the embarrassment of the outright question, here are eight more subtle tips on how to ask for a guy’s number that you might like to try:

1. How to ask for a guy’s number? Have a business card made

Well, they’re called business cards, but they are not just for business and they avoid the scramble to find a pen at the bottom of your bag and a scrap of paper to write on. When you hand someone a card, they are almost obligated to return the compliment with their card or number.

2. Be confident when you ask

Make the request more of a statement of fact, than a timid enquiry. Look him straight in the eyes, smile and say ‘We should exchange numbers, shouldn’t we?’…A statement such as this, is far harder to argue, against a simple ‘may I have your phone number?’…

3. Look it up online

This one’s a bit sneaky and make sure that you don’t end up being accused of stalking! Look him up on Facebook or LinkedIn or simply Google his name. You don’t need to be famous to have a profile on the internet.

4. How to ask for a guy’s number? Ask him if he has a phone

Asking if he has a phone is great, roundabout way, of asking for his number. It will be difficult for him to say that he doesn’t have a phone and, once you’ve got this far, it would be only natural to exchange numbers.

5. The old ‘my phone has been playing up’ ruse.

Well, as we are talking about creative dating tips for women here, let’s get a bit more creative…This one really can’t fail to put him on the spot! Tell him you’ve been having terrible trouble with your phone all day and ask if you could just phone his number to make sure that your phone is working. 😉

6. The ‘I accidently wiped all my contacts’ ploy.

Another tip on how to ask for a guy’s number is get your phone out and tell him that you managed to wipe all your contacts of your phone and ask him what his number is, so you can add him back into your phone. Even if you never had his number, he’ll find it difficult and embarrassing to say no.

7. Ask around

Try a little subterfuge with some of his friends with an innocent ‘I lost his number, do you have it?’ They probably won’t hesitate to help you out.

8. Text him

Another easy way to get his number without suggesting that you even want to call him is to tell him that you’ll send him a text, so that he has your number. It sounds like your only giving him your number, but, of course, it means that you’ll have his too!

Do you have some other tips on how to ask for a guy’s number? Share your own creative dating tips in the comment section below.

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