Flirting is an art and is no more confined only to men. Even women don’t hesitate to flirt with men whom they like. Nowadays women are more confident and smart, as compared to the women of earlier generations. A woman today, doesn’t want to wait for a man to approach her. In fact, certain guys like it and feel great when a woman makes the first move.

Remember your feminine lure is enough to tell him how you actually feel about him. There are a few other tips on flirting for women to let the things go in a right direction. Here are some of the basic tips on how to attract a guy:

Look beautiful and sensuous 

Wear a well fitted dress (men love women in dresses), along with a flirty and sensuous makeup to enhance your natural beauty, and don’t forget about a perfume (but be light handed with it). A hint of feminine sensuality and charm can do wonders for a relationship to start naturally.

An eye talk

Be playful and give him a daring and playful look. But don’t overdo it. Your eyes are the best “tool” to pass on the message without even speaking.

Wear a constant smile 

A smiling face brings out the positive part of any human being. Wear your sweetest smile and be a little flirty at a same time, this will help to keep a guy’s interest and his eyes only on you.

Meaningful Conversation

One of the best love advice that works really well is: learn to be able to have a good, interesting and meaningful conversation with a guy. Try to find out what are his likes and preferences, and also let him know about your own hobbies and interests. This way you can spend a quality time together discussing things that interest both of you, so that you, as well as your partner in conversation can explore and find out more about each other.

Stare at him 

“How to get a guy” is an obvious question any single girl might have in mind. One of the most effective flirting tips is “eye shooting”. Just keep on staring right at his eyes for a few seconds and then look down, repeat it again after 10-15 minutes (you can use this flirting tip couple of times during the evening, it should look natural, not awkward). This is a mind blowing way to flirt and attract a guy toward yourself.

Be a good listener 

Listen to what a person has to say, it will help you make a positive impression and also, it will help the other person understand that you really like him and are ready to open up your ears for what he has to say.

Sensuous touch 

You can playfully touch the hand of a guy in between your conversation (don’t overdo it though). Touching and tickling on his palm is a great way to make him understand that you are attracted to him. You can playfully touch his shoulder, pull his cheeks or hold his hand. Be aware, it might drive him crazy about you!

Give him a compliment

Not only ladies love compliments, so do guys! Tell a guy that he looks great, that you love his style or that you really like his perfume. All these little things are a part of flirting game.

Sexy voice 

Talk to your man with a sexy tone of voice. You can also bite your lower lip a little bit, it will make you look even more sensuous. But again, don’t overdo it.

Body language

Your body language can speak louder than your actual voice. Try to be conscious of your gestures and try to express yourself playfully and naturally. Use humor. Be happy. Be yourself. This will make you look great and a guy will really enjoy your company.

So girls what are you up to? Just use these flirting tips and you’ll quickly find yourself in a dating scene.

I hope you find this dating advice and tips on how to attract a guy useful.

Feel free to share your own love and dating tips in the comment section below.

Stay happy!

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  1. marie bauer

    This is cool. However, I find it true, flirting in a nice way would attract your soulmate. I hope I could find mine too.

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