10 Tips on How to Get a Guy to Ask You Out 

It’s most likely natural to feel bashful when you are interested in a guy, and you have a tendency to turn away. Now, if you see the signs very clearly that the guy you are interested in being also interested in you, then don’t lose your chance. It’s about time you give him hints, so that he would confidently ask you out without having to worry of getting rejected. How to get a guy to ask you out becomes easy once you follow the tips below:

  • Let your eyes do the talking

You are at your friend’s party and you notice his frequent glances at you. The next time you see him glancing at you again, flash your confident smile and look him straight in the eyes – this will be enough to let him know he stands a chance of coming over to you.

  • Be witty

Usually, being witty is all it takes to get a guy to become interested in you. Wit, intelligence and humour combined – is quite an attractive blend of qualities of a woman that guys prefer. If you have it, be brave to flaunt it.

  • Show it in your body language

Love advice includes paying attention to your movements, so that they won’t be misinterpreted. Avoid crossing your arms, especially when he is around, as this can mean you are not open to the idea of welcoming him into your life.

  • Exude an aura of confidence

Always have good posture and be confident, since this will help you to get a guy to take the initiative to ask you out. Guys are attracted to women who are confident enough to stand on their own. Smiling whenever you encounter something pleasant is part of being confident.

  • Be happy 

By being happy I mean being positive and this also attracts men. Try to fill your mind with happy thoughts, since this will show outwardly. When you have a sad countenance or when you are frowning, how do you expect him to approach you?

  • Avoid overdoing it

You become more approachable, when you put on less makeup. Accentuate your beautiful features by using light, natural looking makeup. Researches show that gentlemen prefer ladies with natural looking makeup.

  • Dress appropriately

Avoid showing off too much skin. “How to get a guy” tips also have something to do with the clothes you wear. Choose clothes that are pleasant-looking and not gaudy. Class and elegance are always trendy!

  • Be interested in his avocation

By genuinely interested in the things he likes to do, such as his hobbies, allow him to openly share a part of his personality with you. You’ll see, soon he will start to like what you like.

  • Compliment him

Be very generous with praise when it comes to his achievements, skills, talents and abilities. By complimenting him about the areas where he excels, you are giving him a hint that he won’t be rejected, when he asks you out.

  • Be a good listener

Listening to what he has to say is a million dollar love advice that is very important to follow. Be a good listener, since he will appreciate you for that. Nobody wants to be with someone whose eyes always wander, when you are talking to them.

I hope you find this love advice useful.

Feel free to share your own relationship tips on how to get a guy to ask you out in the comment section below.

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