10 Tips on How to Text a Guy: Things to Say and Not to Say

Nowadays, the power of texting, especially in the dating scene, plays a very significant role. Many ladies have still not yet grasped the proper techniques of how to text a guy. Remember, if you are keen on catching his attention, you certainly need to up your game and find out about some important text messaging tips. The whole idea here is to use unique and powerful texts that will get a guy replying you instantly and anxiously waiting for your next text.

So, how to text a guy the right way and what are some of the text messaging tips you might need to know?

• Play hard to get, but don’t overdo it

When exchanging text messages with a guy, you should calculate your moves and avoid looking like you are too desperate to talk to him. Wait a little bit before replying his text; a slight time delay might prompt the guy to do a follow up. This way, when you reply, your long awaited text will have so much more impact.

• Don’t bombard him with your text messages  

Keep cool and decide the frequency with which you would want to be sending your text messages to him. Texting too much will definitely make you look desperate, which usually repels guys. Be aware of it!

• Be creative. Use humor

Learn how to text a guy with that special sophisticated touch of creativity and send him interesting and fun messages, particularly, with a touch of humor. Make sure to show the fun side of you. Guys like it.

• Find out what interests him

It would be really great if texts that you send out place some emphasis on things he loves. For example, you can ask him how his favorite football team performed in a recent match. Such kinds of text messages will always get him excited and prompt a quick reply.

• Avoid making false promises

Guys hate women who lie in their texts; avoid making false promises of a date, knowing in advance that you won’t show up.

• Do not send him your photos (God forbid the naked ones)

Unless a guy has specifically asked for your photo, never send him your pictures via text messages. Only after your relationship had flourished into something bigger than a casual friendship, you can start sharing your pictures with that guy.

• Avoid appearing needy and making too many demands

When you send out your text messages, allow the guy enough time to respond. Avoid pressurizing him to do favors for you, unless he is proposing to help you himself. Trust me, men don’t like pressure.

• Realize your worth

As a woman, you need to have some pride and consider yourself a jewel; the language used in your texts to a guy should fully reflect this. Don’t write him texts that damage your self worth or make you appear, as if you have low self esteem and no self confidence.

• Keep it casual

The best way to get to a guy’s attention through texting is to keep casual, fun and interesting conversations. Avoid sending him romantic and flirty text messages, unless your relationship is clearly defined.

• Don’t fight using texts

Never sort out arguments through text messages; anyway, it’s a lot more efficient to do this in person. Also, make sure to never send a guy abusive text messages, it can never lead to a positive outcome.

The above text messaging tips are practical and will yield instant results for ladies who want to learn how to text a guy.

Remember to always be respectful, friendly and polite. It will definitely make your text messaging experience smoother.

Please feel free to share your own tips on how to text a guy in the comment section below.

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