8 Character Traits that a Guy Really Looks for in a Girlfriend

We all know what guys will say when asked what they look for in a girlfriend, especially, if they’re with their mates at the time, but what do guys really look for in a girl? What characteristics really make the difference between just a date and becoming a girlfriend?

Despite what you might be lead to believe, most guys aren’t looking for a supermodel willing to provide 24 hour, on-demand sex, although most would admit that it would be a nice bonus. What they’re really looking for is a match; someone who is really in tune with their needs. Guys want someone who is sweet and sensitive, yet at the same time, down-to-earth and practical too. Here’s our top eight characteristics that men really want in a girlfriend:

1. Confident and Independent

The days of the meek, obedient and totally reliant partner are long gone. Today’s man finds a woman who is confident in herself and can stand on her own two feet sexy and attractive. He wants to be able to go out for a night with the boys and not feel he has to keep phoning in to re-assure his girlfriend every five minutes.

2. Supportive and Comforting

Even the strongest men have their bad days and need a bit of comfort and support from time to time. Guys are looking for a partner with whom they can face the world with and share their problems. But girls, don’t overdo it, most guys don’t want to be treated like mama’s little boys!

3. Intelligent and Honest

The bimbo act loses its appeal very quickly for a guy, a girl that can stand up to a man as his equal is far more attractive. Combine intelligence with honesty and you’ve got a winning formula. And remember, honesty from the outset keeps things straight and easy. A small white lie told on the first date can become a big secret a few years later.

4. She Enjoys the simple pleasures of Life

Every man likes to show off and splash out on a woman from time-to-time, but no man likes to be made to feel like they have to spend all their money just to tread water with a girl. A surprise bunch of flowers that’s really appreciated is worth far more in a relationship than the demand for regular expensive gifts. Learn to enjoy simple pleasures of life, as much as you do enjoy the big ones.

5. Surprising

Relationships can easily become stale and boring and men hate boring. Both men and women’s love surprises and spontaneous signs of attention. A woman who can keep life interesting, in every aspect, is one who will keep a relationship alive and sparkling.

6. Relaxed and Comfortable

This one’s an oldie, but still high up on the list for most guys; a man hates a nag. A woman who can chill out, let things ride, let her hair down and relax is far more attractive to a man, than one whose only concern is getting things her own way.

7. Game for a Laugh

Laughter is infectious and guys love a girl who can laugh. A woman who can joke, be playful and can give as good as she takes, when it comes to a witty exchange of banter, keeps the fun in a relationship and stops the rot setting in. Laughter is also a great aphrodisiac, or so they say.

8. Sensual and Sexy

We’ve already said that supermodel looks are not necessarily the key to a man’s heart. However, a girl who isn’t afraid of her sexuality and keeps the spice in a relationship fresh will keep a guy happy. Men like a woman who can embrace her own feminine charm with confidence and is not backward in coming forward, when it comes to sensuality.

Those are our top 8 character traits that a guy really looks for in a girlfriend. But there is actually a ninth of course, but one that really shouldn’t need listing and that is loyalty. Even in today’s world of ‘hooking up’ and ‘a friend with benefits’ what a guy really wants is a girlfriend that he can trust.

I hope you find this love and dating advice for women useful.

What other important character traits do you think guys look for in a girlfriend? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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