8 Online dating mistakes to avoid

In theory, online dating should be the perfect way to find your ideal match. You type in what you are looking for in a guy and the dating site returns all the available options for you to pick one from. It should be simple and it should take a lot of the guessing to work out of finding a suitable love match, but if you’ve found the whole process frustrating and demoralizing, than take a look at some of the common mistakes that others have made with online dating and see if you recognise any…

1. Think about your username

It’s strange, but we do judge people that we haven’t met yet by their name. Would you think that a guy named Brad would look the same, as a guy named Alberto? The same applies to the username that you chose online. Try and make it interesting and upbeat to catch people’s attention and avoid boring names like ‘Jane99’ or worst, ‘Neverknownlove’!

2. Choose your photo carefully

Upload images of yourself that are flattering, but accurate and use recent photos, not ones from twenty years ago! Also, avoid using shots that are too sexy. Pictures of you lounging seductively in your lingerie will only attract the wrong type of guys.

3. Check him out with a phone call first

Don’t go straight out on a date without having a chat with him on the phone first. Why waste your time with a guy that bores you in a ten minute telephone conversation?

4. Make your messages personal

When you send a message to someone that you are potentially interested, don’t just copy and paste the same one you send to everyone! Take the time to explain what you find appealing in that person and where you think you might have common interests. This is the first step in a meaningful dialogue, not the start of an email spam campaign!

5. Take things slowly

When trying an online dating, don’t try to correspond with too many people at once. Be selective, take your time and don’t be afraid to hide your profile when you have two or three potential suitors or your Inbox will just get clogged up.

6. Change your photo regularly

Different photographs of you will appeal to different people, so broaden your chances by changing your profile picture now and then.

7. Don’t date too soon

Be sure to have an online conversation for a week or two before you jump in the deep end with a date. Getting to know the person, so far as you can online, before a date, will avoid you appearing desperate and give you more to talk about when you meet.

8. Don’t provide too much detail too soon

You want to convey an accurate picture of yourself and your personality, but you don’t have to give your entire life story online. Too much detail and a reader will just move on to the next person.

More and more people are turning to online dating as a way to find a partner. Whilst you do not want to appear too formal in your profile, it is a little like preparing an online career resume. You want to attract the right sort of attention, but you don’t want to lie or exaggerate or you might be ‘fired’ further on down the line!

If you are looking for a partner, I would definitely recommend you to try online dating, as nowadays, with our hectic lifestyles, there are a lot more chances of meeting the love online, then in the local supermarket. Love can find you anywhere, so be ready!

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