Top 9 dating mistakes you should definitely avoid making

You’ve used all your allure and charms to finally get him to ask you out on a date and now, here you are sitting opposite him in a posh restaurant dressed to the nines in all your finery and what do you do? You put your foot straight in it and you blow it!

To avoid making that one fatal mistake on a date that spells disaster, we’ve listed below for you the nine dating mistakes that you definitely want to avoid:

Mistake No. 1: Put down the phone!

You might want to tell your friends that you are on a hot date, but leave it until later. Fiddling all night long with your phone is just giving him the message that you’re bored and an insecure guy will be wondering what can be so important that you can’t talk to him.

Mistake No. 2: Say something interesting

Come on, you can do better than just ‘where do you live?’ or ‘what do you do?’. Ask something interesting to get the conversation going and avoid asking questions that can only lead just to a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ answer, otherwise it will be a really short conversation.

Mistake No. 3: Don’t eat garlic before meeting him

You might be working hard for two hours to get ready on a date, applying your makeup and choosing that pretty dress, but if you ate a soup with lots of fresh garlic in it, all your beauty efforts might be in vain. Avoid eating garlic before you go on a date.

Mistake No. 4: Don’t pick at your food

You might be watching your weight, but order more, than just a salad. Men like a woman with a good appetite.

Mistake No. 5: Talk about him, as well as you

Pause for breath and let him tell you about himself as well. It’s not all about you and it’s important to have a balanced conversation, so give him a chance to talk!

Mistake No. 6: Leave the wedding plans until later

Unless you have known this guy for a while, opening up a discussion on your ideal wedding is not a good idea yet. You’ll have him running for the hills!

Mistake No. 7: Don’t bring out the X-files

Discussing your ex on a date is a definite no-no. Even if you’re running your ex down, your new guy really doesn’t want to hear about it.

Mistake No. 8: Choose your food wisely

Sauce stains down the front of your top are never attractive, so be sure to choose food that won’t make a mess and leave you feeling embarrassed.

Mistake No. 9: Don’t leave it open ended

If you really like the guy, drop the hints that you want to see him again and make sure he’s got your phone number. He might be waiting for some feedback from you, before he suggests meeting you again himself.

We hope you find these dating tips useful!

What other dating mistakes should we all stop making? Feel free to share your dating advice in the comment section below.

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