10 Sad, yet obvious signs that your relationship is ending

Sometimes, you can look back on a relationship that has ended and think: ‘How on earth did I miss all those signs?’ But, then hindsight is a wonderful thing. Sadly, despite all efforts that you might make, some relationships are destined to end and the time comes that you just have to accept the fact. Recognizing the signs that a relationship is in danger can make a split less of a trauma and, if you spot the signs, you might even have a chance to make things work. In any event, it is better to know what might be around the corner, so here are ten signs to look for:

1. A lack of interest in sex, no intimacy…

Not everyone has the stamina to keep up the passion of the honeymoon period throughout a long term relationship, but if you do notice a decided lack of interest in sex, on the part of either party, then it may be a sign that things are not right.

2. You stop behaving as a team

If things are going wrong, then people tend to begin to operate more independently from one another. It could be that you don’t even notice this at first. To begin with, perhaps you always did the shopping together, but now you shop separately. Or perhaps you always watched TV together, but now, somehow, you never seem to want to watch the same things.

3. The affection has gone

Another sign that your relationship is ending is – affection disappeared. You don’t have to be at each other’s throats for things to not be right. If you sit and think about and you find it hard to remember the last time you showed or received any affection, it’s a sign that your relationship is cooling. You find that there is just cold, detached, yet still polite, communication over essential topics only.

4. Continuous arguing

A breakdown in a relationship doesn’t have to be a gentle cooling off of affection; it can be far more dramatic than that. Constant bickering, sniping and arguing is not a sign of a healthy relationship, no matter how much you try and convince yourself that it is.

5. Cheating

It might seem odd to put cheats on the list; you’d have thought it’s too obvious a sign to even get included. Many people, though give their partners a second chance, when they’re caught cheating and in some cases they give many second chances. But, cheating is cheating, whatever the excuses; and you need to think very carefully before handing out second chances to a cheating partner. If he cheated once, what is going to hold him back from doing it again?

6. You feel that you don’t know each other anymore

When it feels you are talking more to a stranger, than to your lover, then you know that you are growing apart. Probably, one of the easiest signs to spot is when you don’t know what your partner does during the day, but more importantly, neither do you care.

7. You begin to find excuses to be apart

Don’t the jump to the wrong conclusion too quickly on this one, but finding reasons not to be together can be a sign that you simply prefer to be apart. If your partner always used to drive through the night to come home after a business meeting, but now they prefer to stay the night in a hotel instead, it doesn’t mean that they are cheating, but it may mean that they would rather be on their own.

8. You stop calling one another

When you are truly in love, you can’t bear to be apart. When the phone calls to one another for no particular reason stop, then the separation has become less of a big deal. When the coldness sets in, then even the phone calls, to say you will be a bit late home, stop, because they just don’t really matter anymore.

9. You start to spend more time with friends

We all need some free time with our friends, but when those friends are becoming more important, than the relationship, then something is amiss. More importantly, if you find that you are developing a completely different circle of friends from your partner and you don’t even know who his friends are, then something is wrong.

10. It just stops being fun

Fun and laughter are hugely important in a relationship. Don’t mistake the coldness of a failing relationship for a comfortable and settled one. There should be spontaneity and laughter in your life, it’s what keeps things special and without it, things, sadly might be coming to end.

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