10 Sweet romantic gestures to keep the fire of your love burning

The columns of relationship advice articles are filled with good and sensible ideas, but sometimes they raise more questions, than they answer, like the advice to show your partner how much you care through simple romantic gestures…OK, that’s all great, but what romantic gestures?! If you are all gestured out and looking for some ideas, then read our top ten ideas of the simple things that you can do to keep the love burning in your relationship:

1. Don’t buy it, make it!

Buying something from a store is the easy way out; you don’t have to make much effort and you have to really have to think about it. If you want to make a gift special, then make it yourself. Even a greeting card is easy enough to make and it will mean so much more, if you make it yourself.

2. Do a chore that your partner would usually do

Romantic gestures don’t necessarily need to be complicated and expensive. Taking one of his chores off his/her list is a simple and free way to give him a surprise reminder that you love him. Get up early one morning and scrape the frost off his windscreen, he’ll love the gesture and, remember, he will probably reciprocate, so maybe you won’t be washing the dishes tonight!

3. Even when they are not around, show your partner that you keep him/her in your heart

When he receives a text or e-mail from you, while he is at work, it will warm his heart and make his day go a whole lot better. Knowing that you are loved and missed, when you are apart, is a really lovely feeling and it makes the troubles of the day seem so unimportant.

4. Arrange a surprise date

Be ready and waiting, when your partner walks through the front door, and whisk them away on a surprise date. Arrange everything in advance and remember to book a cab, so no one has to drive, and just have a fun night out together that they’re not expecting.

5. Cook them a special dinner

Cooking a special, surprise meal for your partner is always a winner. Choose all their favorite foods, however weird those choices might be, and put the effort in to have it all ready for them. Lock the door, switch off the phones and have a romantic night in together.

6. Leave a note

Here’s a better use for those yellow ‘post-it’ notes, leave little messages of love around the home, where your partner will find them; on the fridge door, the bathroom mirror or inside a wallet or bag. It’s a great and simple way to remind someone that you care.

7. Give them a massage

When someone is tired and stressed, there is no better way to unwind, than with a massage. So do your partner a favor, and put them in a better mood with a loving and sensual massage, when they’ve had a hard day and all their troubles will melt away.

8. Buy them something that they really need or want

Keep alert and listen to what your partner says. People often come out with comments like: ‘That looks good’ or ‘I’d like to watch that movie’, when they’re watching the ads on TV. Be like a good detective and make a mental note, it’ll help you, when you run out of ideas.

9. Look after them when they are sick

Go the extra mile, when your partner is sick, and they will appreciate it. Whether it’s making them chicken soup or snuggling them up in their favorite blanket, everyone needs a little bit of loving, when they don’t feel well.

10. Send them a letter

Sending the love of your life a letter in the post will really surprise them; the old fashioned, snail mail, that is. Writing a love letter gives you time to think about what you want to say and it’s so much more personal, than an email or text.

Do you have some other ideas of sweet romantic gestures to keep the fire of love burning?

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