10 Things guys absolutely dislike about girls

What things guys absolutely dislike about girls? These are the things that, thankfully, don’t apply to all girls, but really do annoy men:

1. Jealousy

Unfounded jealously in a girl can be a very unattractive trait. Some girls can be jealous of their friends or even siblings, and they will make catty remarks about them. Some girls are jealous if their boyfriends talk to other girls. Whomever the target of the jealousy is, it’s not a thing that men quite get, so worked up over and they really dislike it in a girl.

2. Dieting

Guys will normally eat just about anything and they find it really frustrating, when a woman is picky about her food. They don’t understand the need for dieting, even though they appreciate the results.

3. Bitter enemies

Men hate the fact that women tend to dislike or even hate some of their friends, yet still continue to talk to them or go out with them. A man’s view is that if you’re going to bitch about someone, why bother talking to them in the first place.

4. Talking too much

Often, men think that women talk too much. That’s a simple fact! Where girls can verbalize almost everything as they go along in a conversation and convey every single detail, men prefer to get straight to the point of a story.

5. Using sex as a weapon

Most women are perfectly willing to withdraw bedroom privileges as a punishment. Men loath this tactic and think it’s underhand. Throw away his beer, by all means!, but no sex? That’s really punching below the belt!

6. Nagging

Men hate to be nagged, especially about household chores. There is a massive divide between asking a man to do something and nagging, but some girls really could make an Olympic sport out of nagging their man.

7. Curtain twitching

Some girls just have to know what’s going on, even when it has absolutely nothing to do with them. Men aren’t as interested as women, because they really don’t care if the Jones’ next door have a new car and, even if they do care, they certainly don’t want to be caught peeking out the window at it.

8. Men don’t like shopping

It’s not that men don’t like shopping, they hate it! Given the choice between having a red hot poker inserted somewhere painful and a day’s clothes shopping, there are some men who would need time to decide. It’s not worth taking them anyway, because they will only complain all day long or sulk.

9. Interrupting

When a girl has something to say, then she’s going to say it, regardless of the fact that her guy may still be mid flow voicing his own opinion. Men don’t like being interrupted. It disturbs the flow of their logical argument and ruins their carefully rehearsed speeches!

10. Girls being bitchy about one another

Girls love to gossip and dish the dirt on other girls. Did you see who she was with, what she was wearing and so on, but men can’t relate to this at all and can really be irritated by the whole thing. They couldn’t care less about what somebody else did, said or didn’t do, as long as it doesn’t affect them.

What other things guys absolutely dislike about girls? Do you have something else to add so this list?

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