10 Tips on how to stop being jealous and start trusting your partner more

Anyone who has been in a loving relationship will have felt jealousy at some point in their lives. It’s a natural feeling born out of the fear of loss and, if you really love someone, then it is likely and perfectly natural, that you would fear losing them. Jealousy usually lessens over time, as you begin to trust your partner more and you realize that your fears were unfounded. When jealousy doesn’t fade over time, though, it can be a big problem in a relationship and eventually lead to a split. If you are worrying about whom your partner is with and what they are doing all the time, then read our ten tips on ways that you can stop yourself being so jealous and start to trust your partner more:

1. Put the past behind you

If you’ve been hurt before, then you will undoubtedly have doubts in your mind about a new relationship. As hard as it might be, you need to put those past hurts in the back of your mind and see this new relationship, as a completely fresh start. Just because one person has hurt you, it does not mean that every person will.

2. Stop comparing yourself to other people

Our second tip on how to stop being jealous and start trusting your partner more is – stop comparing yourself to other people. Sometimes jealousy is driven by a deep rooted lack of self-esteem, that feeling that a relationship is just too good to be true. No one really knows why one person falls in love with another and it’s not just to do with looks, money or any one single definable thing. Comparing yourself to others is a fruitless exercise, because they don’t really have anything that you don’t. So stop wondering why your partner loves you and just enjoy it.

3. Think about losing them

This might seem a very negative thing to suggest, but what would happen if you did lose your partner? It wouldn’t kill you, the world wouldn’t stop revolving and you would dust yourself down and get on with your life. Putting the potential loss of your partner into perspective may not be something you want to do, but, if you understand the true impact of the loss better, you would fear it less.

4. Put yourself in your partner’s shoes

Another tip on how to stop being jealous and start trusting your partner more is – try to understand your beloved. How would you feel if your partner didn’t trust you? You’d be really hurt, right? Remember that this is how you are making your partner feel with your lack of trust in him. He is quite possibly deeply in love with you and can’t work out why you can’t see that!

5. Stop checking up on them

If you’ve started to check up on your partner with sneaky peeks at emails and text messages, then stop right away. All this will do is fuel your suspicions and jealousy, and your imagination could easily find something untoward in a completely innocent message that you find.

6. Try and let go a little

Our next tip on how to stop being jealous and start trusting your partner more is – try to let go. With jealousy comes over possessiveness and that can push someone away. Let your partner have a little freedom and try trusting them more and then, they will get the chance to prove to you that they can be trusted.

7. Discuss it with your partner

A good communication can also help you to stop being jealous and start trusting your partner more. Don’t keep it all to yourself and talk your partner about it. It’s fine to feel jealous sometimes, it just shows that you love someone and talking about it might help to put your mind at rest. Don’t though, under any circumstances, turn this conversation into a barrage of accusations!

8. Remember that jealousy can be the death of a relationship

Unfounded jealousy can wreak havoc with a relationship and drive your partner away. Some people even get to the stage of having been falsely accused of cheating so many times, that they feel that they might as well cheat anyway. Remember that accusing someone of cheating is a big deal and it can really hurt, if it’s not true.

9. Take a look at the people around you

It could be that your jealousy is caused, because you grew up around bad relationships; perhaps your father cheated on your mother. If your ideas about relationship stem from your experience of other peoples bad ones, then take a look around at all the people that have long lasting and trusting relationships, and you will see that it is possible and it can be done.

10. Believe in your relationship

And our final tip on how to stop being jealous and start to be more trusting is – believe in your relationship. At the end of the day a relationship has to be built on trust. You can’t possibly be with your partner all of the time, so you have to trust them, you have no real choice. It can be a hard thing to face up to, but if your partner wants to cheat, then they will and no amount of jealousy will stop it, so believe in your love for each other. If your relationship is strong, then your partner won’t cheat.

Do you have some other tips on how to stop being jealous and start trusting your partner more?

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