8 Tips on how to make him more romantic

We can’t go back to that ‘honeymoon’ phase of our relationships, but isn’t it annoying the way that men seem to give up on the romance, as soon as they get their feet under the proverbial table. So, you’ve both got other things to think about now: work, paying the bills and, maybe, kids but does all the romance really have to go out of your life?

If your man has stopped being romantic, you don’t necessarily have to start worrying, it’s not always a bad sign. Most men, in fact, tend to sit back and relax when things are going well. They are happy, content and comfortable and they tend to forget that women need romance in their life as well as the comfort. Let’s look at 8 tips on how to make him more romantic:

1. Take the lead

Sometimes men need a little reminder to be romantic, so don’t wait for him to start the ball rolling. You can start by doing something nice for him with a little romantic gesture here and there. It might prompt him to return the favor.

2. Drop some hints about important dates

If your man remembers all the important milestone dates in your relationship, then you’re lucky! Even the worst man can’t miss Christmas but, for some reason, anniversaries seem to be a bit trickier. Dropping a hint a few weeks before though might prompt him into some action.

3. Try to educate him

A good and subtle way to remind him of some of the things that he’s not doing is to rent some romantic movies on DVD and watch them together. Even better, a movie that combines action with romance, that way you will keep his attention for longer. Even some of the biggest, blockbuster action movies have a romantic ending.

4. Start small and build up slowly

Men tend to think that a romantic gesture has to be big and expensive to be effective; they don’t always realise that it’s the little things that can mean so much. Give him a little encouragement with the unexpected kiss or ‘I love you’ yourself and see if he starts to return the compliment.

5. Show your appreciation

When he eventually does something romantic, make sure he knows that you’ve noticed and that you appreciate it, or you might dissuade him from trying again in the future.

6. Be a little understanding

It can be really frustrating when your man appears to show you no affection, but it doesn’t mean that he’s stopped loving you and, if you demand a romantic gesture from him, it really won’t mean the same when it is forthcoming anyway. Gentle persuasion will beat nagging any day of the week.

7. Don’t expect perfection

Men are creatures brimming full of ego, so be careful not to criticise what he does for you. It may not have been your idea of the perfect date or ideal romantic gestures, but at least he tried, so that’s a step in the right direction.

8. Appeal to his sensitive side

We’d like to think that men are a bit more enlightened these days, but there are many men that still have major hang-ups about being seen as anything less than a one hundred percent macho man, especially if his mates are anywhere nearby. Try to let him know, in a subtle way, that he can let go of the caveman image at home; no one will ever know!

Unfortunately, most men just aren’t as sensitive to a woman’s needs, as perhaps they should be. That doesn’t mean that they don’t care, it just means that they need a bit of gentle prompting now and again.

We hope you find this dating advice and dating tips for women useful.

Feel free to share your own tips on how to get him to be more romantic in the comment section below.

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