How to protect your relationship from infidelity? 10 useful tips

Everywhere you look, someone, somewhere seems to be having an affair. Celebrities, politicians, even friends and neighbors seem to be doing it, so it’s no real surprise that most people worry that the next one that they here about is their own partner. In reality, infidelity is rarely a straightforward thing and there are often deeper seated reasons behind a person being unfaithful, than simple physical desire. Here, we list ten things that you can do to help protect your relationship from infidelity and improve your relationship at the same time:

1. Don’t let boredom set in

Many people give the reason for having an affair as boredom. For some people, when life gets too familiar and cosy, they yearn for a bit of excitement and ‘something different’. It’s important that you don’t make every night a cosy night in, so go out, do something different and keep the excitement in your relationship, and he won’t get bored and go elsewhere for his kicks.

2. Be attentive

Another regular excuse for having an affair is ‘my wife/girlfriend never listens to me’. Make time to talk with your partner and listen to what they are saying, because if you don’t, then he can find someone else who is prepared to listen, what might start as something innocent can develop into something more.

3. Share your fantasies

You should be able to talk with your partner about anything and he should feel that he can discuss even his fantasizes with you. Be open minded and listen, even if you don’t follow through, or he might be tempted to explore those fantasies further, outside of the relationship.

4. Encourage his friendships with other guys

Support your man’s friendship with other guys, it gives him somewhere to go when he needs to talk. Sometimes men can’t talk openly to their girls about different things or they simply might need an advice from a fellow man about something; they might find it easier to talk to someone a little more removed from the problem. If he has close friends, then he’ll go there for advice, if not, then it could lead him to go to another woman for help.

5. Remember to say thanks

Be grateful when your guy does something good for you and remember to show your gratitude. If someone feels that they are not appreciated, then they will assume that they are not loved; and they might soon discover that, if they give another girl a gift, they will probably get a ‘thank you’.

6. It’s not all about bedroom

Most affairs are not born out of a need for physical intimacy but out of a need for emotional support and intimacy, but men do blur the distinction between the two. It’s just as important to be there emotionally for him, as it is to have a physical relationship.

7. Discuss infidelity

It’s important that you both know where the boundaries lie and what each of you consider being infidelity. For some it is physical intimacy, but for others it is the sharing of intimate feelings and needs. And as one often leads to the other, it is best to understand what each of you is comfortable or uncomfortable with, and then you both know where you stand and there will be no false accusations.

8. Be his Mistress

Routine can take the edge of anything, so keep things interesting, in and out of the bedroom, and neither of you will need to go outside of the relationship for thrills. Affairs often begin because one partner thinks that the grass will be greener somewhere else, so remember to keep the romance and the spark of love alive, and no one will be tempted to wander.

9. Be honest and talk to each other

Be honest and open at all times and talk about things, even the difficult things. You need to be able to say if you are not happy, then you can both do something about it because, as we all know, but few seem to take any notice of the fact that a relationship takes hard work and a good communication to keep it healthy.

10. Learn to grow and mature together

You need to be able to help each other to grow. We all grow up at different paces, and affairs can occur, because one person has matured and wants to settle down, while the other still behaves like a teenager. This can’t be helped, but it can be understood, so meet half way and if each of you tries to understand how the other feels, you can cater for both your needs within the relationship.

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