Relationship tips: 8 Compromises to make when you start living together

If you have lived on your own for some time and you are thinking about sharing a home with someone else, then compromise is a word that you will soon get used to. There’s no more having things all your own way and you will have to learn how to share things again. Moving in together is a big step; it’s exciting, it’s great, but, you will have to make compromises too, and some of those compromises might come as a bit of a shock so, here are things that you might want to think about:

1. Give him space in the bathroom

The bathroom in a shared home is still the girl’s domain, but you are going to have to give him a little space. Not too much though, he hasn’t got as much stuff as you, but he will need a little corner somewhere. Avoid the temptation to clean up or move his things too, as that won’t go down well, when he can’t find his razor first thing in the morning.

2. There’s no hiding behind makeup

He’s going to see a completely different side to you now. Unless you want to get up at the crack of dawn to do you your makeup, while he’s still asleep, you are going to have to accept that he’s going to see you as nature intended! That means on the bad days too and the days that you are feeling unwell, so be prepared.

3. You can’t be as tidy, as you used to be

If you are the meticulously tidy type and everything has its proper place in the cupboards and on shelves, then you are about to become very frustrated. Give the guy a chance though, he doesn’t know where things belong yet, you’ve just got to train him. Remember though, that this works both ways. His untidy pile of paperwork is just how he wants it, so resist the urge to tidy it up for him, he likes it that way!

4. Sharing a budget

It is best to agree up front how you are going to look after the money die of things. Living together means more expenses, but you have to learn to live with your different priorities, when it comes to money. You might want to scrimp and save for a new outfit, while he doesn’t need a new dress right now, so you will have to meet in the middle somehow.

5. Toilet seat up or down

This one is actually not a compromise but, more a case of education! If he’s been living on his own or sharing with other guys, you can guarantee, that toilet seat will be left up! He stands, where you sit, but don’t give up this one, he will learn.

6. Pictures and ornaments

He wants to adorn the walls of your home with his treasured cars and rock stars, and you want to take a more gentle and subtle approach to decoration. You will need to reach agreement on this one too. You’re both going to have to start acting your age now! You lose the ‘My Little Pony’ collection and he’ll take down his Spiderman posters!

7. Sharing the TV remote

You may have loads in common, but your tastes in entertainment might vary. On a date, he’s out to impress, so he chose things that he knows you will enjoy, at home, though, he’s going to want to watch things that you probably don’t like. Even though it’s only a small thing, if you always get your own way with the TV, he’s going to resent it, so give him a break sometimes. Its better he watches it with you, than sitting in another room on his own or goes out to a bar.

8. Communicate

There will be things that you simply don’t agree on, but neither party should just keep quiet about it. That’s not compromise, that’s a recipe for disaster. To be able to compromise, you must be able to talk to each other, to tell him that you don’t like something and then you can work together to find a solution to a problem that you are both happy with.

What other compromises people make when they start living together?

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