Relationship advice: 8 things we all wish a man would do for us

What do women want? There are some things that all women wish their men would for them. Even just once would be nice! But men don’t think the same way as women, and sometimes they just muddle along completely oblivious to the fact that there are some simple and nice things that they could be doing for the woman in their life that would be really appreciated.

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of eight things that we think a man should do for his woman, so that you can print this relationship advice out and leave it somewhere ‘by accident’ and see if he takes the hint!

1. What do women want? Concentrate on me for a change!

Sometimes it feels like you’re invisible. Wouldn’t it be nice if he turned off his phone, switched off the TV and gave you his full attention for a while?

2. Look after me when I’m sick

Have you noticed how guys have always gotten the flu and never a cold? Well, next time you’re feeling a bit under the weather, how nice would it be, if he brought you a nice bowl of steaming hot soup in bed? (…and flowers in bed together with a hot soup would be even better!)

3. What do women want? Take some initiative on the romance front

He might be good at remembering your birthday and anniversary, but when did he last do something romantic just because he wanted to? A random gift of some flowers or a surprise meal out would be just fantastic!

4. Fight for me

What men don’t realise that is when you storm out the front door, rattling the door frame with the slam behind you, they’re supposed to come out and find you to apologise, not settle down with a beer!

5. What do women want? Write me a poem…

We might be pushing it a bit here with some guys, but if not a poem then, just a nice and unexpected love letter from him would really show that he’s taken the time to express how much he cares.

6. What girls want? Don’t even try to lie to me

Women are born with a natural, built in, lie detector and the alarm bell rings even when it’s just a teeny weeny little white lie, so wouldn’t it be nice if he just gave up trying to fib?

7. …Just dance with me…

This relationship advice is simple – dance with me! For some men, the last slow dance of their lives with you is that one on your wedding day and, even if you’re not married, the slow dance becomes a thing of the past over time. A slow dance doesn’t have to be step perfect, just an intimate moment of togetherness would do.

8. What other things do women want? Just be there for me…

All woman needs is for her man to be there; to pay attention when she has something to say and someone to laugh with after a bad day. It won’t always be perfect, but at least he will be there for you.

We hope you find this relationship advice useful.

Feel free to share your own dating tips on what do women want and relationship advice on things all women wish their men would do.

As they say: “All you need is love…”

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